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For anyone who uses a housekeeper VERY rarely:

8 hours of washing your walls and cabinets and doors and windows is cruel. I’d rather tear out my fingernails.

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Cleaning this house today I discovered that the 15 year old girl who belongs to this room is my tv soul mate.

Also her cats name is Alfonse and I’m almost done with fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood and it just makes me happy.

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Outtakes from my shoot with MTV’s Girl Code cast member Tanisha Long.  Click HERE to read the New York Observer article.


Girl code is just about the best show of all time. 

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- Dr. Who

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Men photographed in stereotypical pin-up poses Rion Sabean art


Men photographed in stereotypical pin-up poses
Rion Sabean art

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Please don’t expect me to take you seriously if you’re proudly anti-feminist; it’s not going to happen.

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"The only thing that anyone can diagnose, with any certainty, by looking at a fat person, is their own level of stereotype and prejudice toward fat people. "

— Marilyn Wann, bad-ass feminist and fat-activist extraordinaire. (via a-golden-lasso-of-my-own)

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